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Porteño y Bailarín
Riobamba 345 - Buenos Aires
(Barrio: Balvanera)
Tel.: (+54-11) 4372-6080



1st. dance floor

Conditioned hall.
Programs with musicians, singers and career artists.

Tuesdays at 10:30pm, Sundays from 7pm (entrance free of charge).

Tuesdays 9pm (ticket $5).

1st. dance floor
Photo by: Jörgen Lindh

2nd. dance floor

The idea to open a milonga called "Porteño y Bailarín" started in mid 2000 with Carlos Stasi (the "Porteño" - a Buenos Aires cityzen) and José Garófalo (the "Bailarín" - the dancer).

Their intention was to provide a unique space for tango in a midtown location, where milonga "codes" would be respected, but without exaggerated limitations.

Working with Carlos Castelnuovo, the owner of the dance club, it was decided to dedicate every Tuesday night to the milonga and some other dance music.


Dance classes on the 2nd. dance floor

There are two excellent wood parquet dance floors, permitting the organization of different classes and seminars at the same time.

Classes are offered by experienced well-known teachers who offer tango and other dance improvements.

Porteño y Bailarín has taken part in the last two annual tango festivals organized by the city of Buenos Aires, by offering free classes during the celebration.

Last year it was a particular success, with more than hundred students participating in each class.