La Casa del Tango

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La Casa del Tango (The Tango House)

La Casa del Tango is a foundation for all the "Tango Family",
founded in the sixties (1967) to promote the
"Porteņa" Culture and the Tango.

They have seminars about the Tango History, a theater,
they make recitals, video projections of classic argentine
movies and musicals, etc.

They make contests related to the Tango creations and
the Folk and Popular Music.
The present Directory Board is presided over by
the master Anibal Arias.

The house was an old factory, rebuilt in 1994 and
located in:

Guardia Vieja 4049, Almagro
Tel: 4963-6442 / 4863-0463


The logo at the entrance.

The entrance.

The reception room.

The reception desk.

Showing the last news.

Activities show board.

The idol Carlos Gardel couldn't be present.

The address on it's wall.