La Casa de Gérard

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 La Casa de Gérard

33 Orientales 249 (Almagro)
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel.: (+54 11) 4981-1409

"La Casa de Gérard" is an ancient house renovated and prepared for the Tangueros and Tangueras to stay in Buenos Aires.
If you come for some days or weeks, if you are alone, in couple or with friends, the house
is conceived on the idea that each one can live there with his own rhythm.... the rhythm of Tango.

Accommodation: 9 bedrooms (single or double), 4 baths, 2 completely equipped kitchens,
ironing, washing machine and place to tend in the patio, where you can as well take a sunbath.

There is a dancing room, which overlooks the patio full of flowers.
Regularly, known professional tangueros comes to teach their pupils or to repeat to it.
You will be able to dance there or send for your professor for one private lesson.
And, some evenings there is a party: Tango (grill) and asado!
On the floor, a stay where you can also dance, watch at television (Tango channel by cable) and video.

There is a beautiful garden outside the tango studio.
Photo: Jörgen Lindh

Perfect floor for dancing.
Photo: Jörgen Lindh


A nice garden to relax in after your tango lesson.
Photo: Jörgen Lindh

A photo in the tango studio of my first tango teachers
in Buenos Aires Ivonne and Eduardo.
Photo: Jörgen Lindh


Marcela in the beautiful tango studio.
Photo: Jörgen Lindh

The tango teacher Marcela starts the music.
Photo: Jörgen Lindh